Artist Unknown


10 thoughts on “Artist Unknown

  1. Hi SHE, if you’re referring to the ability to comment on my blog, there is no facility for that, I can see my first comment on your blog so everything looks fine. Therein; be well and keep sharing your eloquent artistry for you’re helping to raise both your own and the general vibration on this planet. Regards, Barry

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    1. That’s wonderful! I was able to approve your comment just now so maybe I’ll be able to see all of your comments now. Hopefully. I was telling another that I hate for people to think I’m ignoring them when I enjoy the interaction with my followers very so much. 😊

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  2. Hi SHE, thanks to your question I found out why my traffic had fallen off, I hadn’t updated my URL from the old to the new blog, so hey, big thank you for that, maybe my own blog traffic will be on the rise again soon yay 🙂 regards, Barry

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